Domestic Windmill

Domestic Windmills

Design by German Enterprise, Low Cut-In Wind Speeds 2.7 m/s to 3.0 m/s, Rated High Output in Low Wind Speeds 6-8 m/s , Neo- Dymium Permanent Magnet Generator , Robust Design – for 18-20 years design life compatible for different modes of operation, Compliance to International Standards.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

The Solar Photovoltaic Modules are designed for versatility & Customized applications like Residential, Commercial,Industrial,Water Pumping, Remote Telecom Sites, On & Off Grid urban & rural connect systems. The modules are warranted to perform 90% of the minimum power output during a 12 year period and 80% upto 25 years.

Grid Intraction System

Grid Interaction System

In this System the generated Power from Wind Turbine & Solar(Optional) has been directly converted/transformed to 50 Hz, 230/440 V AC , and will be feed to the utilities , thereby reducing the power drawn from the Grid/Genset...

Battery Charging

Battery Charging

In this system the generated power from Wind Turbine & Solar(Optional) has been utilized to charge the specific battery bank, through the pure sinewave inverter the required static loads can be connected...

Water Pumping

Water Pumping System

Alpha Power Water Pumping AP- OGWP (Off Grid Water Pumping) System is a direct Water Pumping System ( Electrical ) especially designed for Continuous as well the Intermittent Operation, suitable for water supply application