Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine
Features of Wind Turbine
  • Design by German Enterprise
  • Low Cut-In Wind Speeds 2.7 m/s to 3.0 m/s.
  • Rated High Output in Low Wind Speeds 6-8 m/s .
  • Robust Design – for 18-20 years design life compatible for different modes of operation
  • Compliance to International Standards.
  • Rugged Design for all Weather conditions – Off Shore , On Shore
  • Neo- Dymium Magnet Brushless Alternator
  • Triple Protected Stator Core
  • Aero Dynamic design profile of the blades for Smooth Start up & Whisper quite Operation
  • Unique 360° Angle Governing, according to the wind direction.
  • Dual Safety mechanism for Over Speed Turbine Rotation viz
  • Electro-Mechanical &
  • Mechanical Tail Furling mechanism for high wind speeds.