Finance Assistance

Government of India Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Central Finance Assistance Notification
Aerogenerators/Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems
a) The MNRE support for aerogenerators/wind solar hybrid systems will be provided on per kW basis. The support will be provided on the basis of type of users. Following two slabs of CFA(Central Finance Assistance) will be available:

Govt./Public/Charitable, R&D, academic and other non-profit making institutions - Rs 1.50 Lakh per kW
Other beneficiaries not covered above (Individuals and private/ corporate sector will come under this category) Rs 1.00 Lakh per kW

b) The remaining cost of the system and all other expenditure related to packing & forwarding, transportation, installation and commissioning of the system will be a part of the system and will be met by the beneficiary of the system.

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